• People asked us all sorts of questions. It was funny how people reacted when they saw us together. But they were more surprised to see that I changed.

    “I changed because I wanted the best for my baby.” I squeezed Zane’s cheek. He smiled in pain then glared at me as they looked away. Next was lunch. We hadn’t seen Grant and Kendra but we knew they knew. We were the talk of the school. So before we went into the cafeteria I pushed Zane in a hall without kids and sighed. “Man, this is so tiring.” “You think?” he said and massaged his hand. I grinned. “You squeezed it so hard I thought I wasn’t going to have a hand.”

    “Oh get over it, you baby,” he looked up at me.

    “I like it when you call me that.” he winked. I rolled my eyes.

    “Tell me again why I wanted to do this?” he thought for a moment.

    “Because you’re truly and madly in love with me deep down?” I snorted.

    “Nah,” he frowned and pouted.

    “Come on, I look good today. For you” I laughed.

    “You don’t look that good,” I grabbed his hand and he winced. “Come on,” we went into the cafeteria and we both inhaled a little. There in the corner were Kendra and Grant. They were feeding each other pudding. Ewe! “Let’s get something first then we’ll go over there.” he nodded and stared at them as we got in line. I hit him in the ribs when we got in line.

    “Ow!” he complained.

    “Pay attention to me!” I muttered. He laughed and then I could feel his breath on my neck.

    “Why? Are you jealous?” goose-bumps rose on my arms and I tried to act like it didn’t bother me. What are you talking about?! It didn’t! Of course it didn’t….why would it?

    “EW no!” I said and laughed. We got food and walked to their table. “Hey guys!” I said cheery. They both looked up at me with wide eyes. Kendra had a spoon full of pudding on its way into Grant’s mouth but it dropped to the table.

    “Olivia?” they both asked. Zane put his hand around my waist. I gave them my best smile. Grant’s eyes glazed over as he looked at me.

    “Yeah silly! Hey can Zane and I sit with you guys?” her eyes went to Zane and they bulged. Grant took his water suddenly looking parched looked at us.

    “What….” She stammered.

    “Oh! Sorry Kendra. Zane and I are together now.” Grant spit out his water some coming out his nose. Zane swallowed a laugh but I could feel his body shaking a little.

    “You’re what?!” they both yelled staring at us. I smiled.

    “Aw you didn’t know?” they both shook their heads dumbly. “Zane asked me out as soon as Kendra dumped him.” he bumped me in a rough way. I smirked slightly. “So we’re together now. Can we sit here?” I asked sliding into a seat next to Grant. He still stared at me dumbfounded. Zane took the seat next to Kendra. He didn’t even look at her. I could see a vein on his neck bulge. I looked up at him but he didn’t even look up.

    “Zane baby?” he finally looked up. His eyes were a little sad but something wasn’t right. “Yeah?” he asked.

    “You want to come over after school? Remember my parents are gone. It will be fun.” he smirked a little.

    “Sure,” I frowned slightly then turned and smiled at Grant. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be to see him. I started to eat and felt uneasy about why Zane wasn’t talking. But who cares! I’m only stuck with him for a while then Grant and I will be back together.

    I went to my locker to gather my books. Zane said he would meet me at the door. I went to the door but didn’t see Zane. I looked out the window and saw Kendra backed up against Grant’s car looking flushed and excited. I gritted my teeth together.

    “I hate that girl,” I jumped and turned around.

    “The hell Zane!” I yelled. He laughed.

    “No actually its just school but close enough.” I snorted and rolled my eyes.

    “I can’t believe this. They don’t even seem fazed by seeing us.” I shook my head in disgust.

    “I’m not surprised. It’s going to take a little more then that for them to want us back.” I nodded and sighed.

    “I guess.”

    “Do I still have to come over to your house though?” I looked at him and raised an eyebrow.

    “Yes! What if someone sees you out they’ll know we are lying.” He grinned.

    “So you are really starting to enjoy this aren’t you?”

    “Yeah right!” I said and scoffed turning so he couldn’t see a little pink in my cheeks.

    He took me back to my house and I got out of the rust bucket.

    “It is not a rust bucket!” Zane said jumping out of the car. I looked back at him and threw my head back and laughed.

    “Yeah it is! Look at the bumper its about to fall off! And your mirror it has a creak in it.” he pouted.

    “You’re not a very supportive girlfriend.” He muttered. I shook my head.

    “That’s for school….not now.” I unlock the door and went in. He followed. I dropped my bag and took off the boots sighing with relief.

    “Ha-ha!” he said and plopped himself down on the couch. I rolled my eyes.

    “This isn’t your house get your feet off the couch!” I growled. He laughed and kept them there. He taunted me. I narrowed my eyes at him. “Zane, get them off. If my parents knew….they would slaughter you.” he raised an eyebrow.

    “What are you going to do about it Princess? Claw me with your fingernails?”

    “You little—“ I ran over there and grabbed his feet. He looked surprised. I threw them off but just as they went off he caught my arms and pulled at me.

    “Freaking...tough….” he grunted trying to get me down. I hit at his arm around my wrist. Finally I kicked him in the ribs with my foot. I laughed and almost fell back. I went to run but he caught my ankle and yanked me back and landed on top of him. He grunted and I hit him in the chest.

    “You’re a tough one,” he said. “And heavy!” I gasped.

    “a** wipe!” I yelled. He laughed but grunted. I pushed at him and we wound up falling off the couch. He was on me. I gave out a huff.

    “Yeah you are too there big boy! Now get off!” I yelled. I pushed at his arm and he laughed then stopped as it gave out and he fell inches from my face. His deep blue eyes looked at me and I swallowed. His body was warm above me. His chest was tight and muscular and it tempted me. His lips were inches from mine and I kept looking at them. They looked so soft….my breathing was heavy and a piece of his hair touched my cheek. He looked really good….I felt….good. What is wrong with you?! Eww its Zane! I shook my head a little.

    “Zane get off!” I yelled in his face. He frowned then jumped back.

    “Gosh you’re such a p***k,” he said laughing shaking himself a little.

    “Me?! You’re the one who wouldn’t get your damn feet off my couch!” he laughed.

    “I’m hungry,” he said suddenly and went into the kitchen. I gave out a sigh and stood up. My legs shook a little and I regained control of myself. You have got to get yourself together Olivia! You’re practically lusting over the first guy you have in sight since Grant. Get over yourself! Get a life! This is fake and it won’t last long. So don’t get used to it! I went into the kitchen and Zane was drinking out of the milk carton.

    “Hey!” I yelled. He smiled and a drip of milk slipped down his chin.

    “Ah!” he said and put it back in the frig wiping the back of his hand over his mouth.

    “You’re sick,” I said and grabbed a granola bar from the cupboard. I sat on the counter and nibbled at it.

    “Maybe we should go on a double date with them….well after a week or whatever. Just to show that we are serious.” I frowned thinking.

    “Yeah, we could do that.” He said shrugging. His hair came down in front of his eyes and he pushed it back. My stomach did flips…..for some stupid reason! It was the granola bar! That’s it. Yeah I shouldn’t eat it. Its making me feel sick. I put it down and thought.

    “We should probably lay low for a while then when we see them act like the perfect couple.” Zane said. I nodded. He moved his shoulder and winced. I grinned.

    “My books are heavy aren’t they?” he glared daggers.

    “You have no idea.”