• Eve and Trevor arrived at Ben's party. The house was filled with rock music, dancing, and loud talking. Trevor wasn't used to this habitat. Hand in hand, Trevor and Eve walked around the crowd.
    They finally found Ben. He said ," Hey! Nice to see you here Eve!" Totally ignoring Trevor ," Liken the party? We've got a game that's about to start. I hope you will play cool ". Trevor didn't like him.
    Ben turned of the music and stood on a small box and said in a loud voice," Ok! Have 'n fun?!" Yeah!!! " Well good! We are going to play 7 minutes in heaven!! the people who don't want to can go into the other rooms to continue the party" A big chunk of the people left to the other rooms. Trevor wanted to leave but Eve pulled him back,
    " Come on I've never played this before, lets stay". Trevor nodded slowly.
    Then Ben said to the rest of the group " This is how we'll play. First, we spin the bottle to choose a girl, then she'll grab one of the guy's names out of this hat" He pulled out a black hat and all the guys wrote their name on a small piece of paper and put it in. Ben spinned the bottle and Trevor was praying for it to not hit Eve unless she picked his name. The it stopped on a girl named Sarah. She flipped her blonde hair to impress the guys and grabbed for a piece of paper in the hat at random. The paper she got said John. She read it aloud then, smiling, her and John went into a small closet. Ben set the timer for 7 minutes. they all were silent. 30 seconds in they heard a small moan. Trevor's expression: eek . Then small screams of Sarah sounded and laughing. Some of the others started to giggle. Then before they knew it, the buzzer for 7 minutes chimed. Ben opened the closet door and the two walked out still getting redressed.
    So then Ben spun once more. suspiciously, Ben walked around and sat by Eve. Then the bottle stopped on Eve. Trevor didn't think that was a coincidence. Then Ben walked over got the hat, which looked a little more blue than before, and Eve picked a name from the hat. It read Ben. Trevor was almost panicking inside.
    Ben smiled and almost pulled her in the closet. Eve glanced at Trevor before entering. The door shut. Trevor was dead silent. almost 20 seconds in he heard a little groan than a small scream. Trevor was very sad crying . Then he heard a bigger scream, then a slap, then silence, then a scream then he heard Eve's voice "HEL-" Then quiet another slap and a bang on the closet door. Trevor ran over opened the door and saw Eve crying and Ben giving her a forced kiss. She only had her bra and underwear on and Ben had his shirt off. Eve saw Trevor and slapped Ben again across the face. She grabbed her clothes and stood by Trevor crying.Trevor slammed the door in his face and brought Eve to the bathroom to dress. They left the party and Trevor asked " Are you ok? Did he hurt you?!"
    Eve replied with a stuffy nose ," Yes and sort of, ok so once we walked in I just wanted to talk with him, but he practically jumped on me and slipped his hands in my shirt started to kiss me. I thought ok maybe it will be ok. But then he took off my shirt and pants by force and I slapped him, he slapped me. He was about to take off my bra but you opened the door...oh thank god! " She was tearing up and hugged Trevor.
    " It's ok your safe here, with me" Trevor said. She looked at him with misty eyes and he looked at her. They leaned in and kissed. That was the best kiss Eve's had all night heart