• As I look back to that time when we played together, I can't stand to wonder what made it so hard. I mean, we had good times and bad, but my friend and I always had some sort of difference. He'd given me wonderful memories and a splendid instrument, but I don't have that now...lost in some voyage across the world.
    Why had it all come down to this? After what we'd done for them, now we're running away, chased by those who supported us.
    Oh my, my manners...I apologize. My name is Odd. Yes, I know it can be funny, but I don't think you can pronounce "Oddr", right?

    My parents died when I was young, or so I was told then, and a adoptive family took me to live in the big city...It was hard at first, and I'll always remember that, but I grew to enjoy living there, i'm not sure why.
    The first time we encountered was at school...a former musician, with talent and technique, he was on the first concert I ever assisted to, even though it was the schools' one.
    That was the first time I ever thought about music properly...
    When I entered the music group, I was fascinated with all of the things in there, and quickly became familiarized with the guitar, most beautiful instrument ever crafted, on my opinion.
    I found out I had talent and loved to play that fabulous instrument, and my few friends said I was meant to greater things, but there was something that bothered me about it all...and I still wonder about it.

    "Dude, those tunes are really nice"
    "Thanks, Mark."
    Mark was one of those guys who I became really fond of, and now regret having left him behind...and, moreover, don't know what fate overcame him.
    "You should play it in one of those auditions or stuff like that...you can really get far."
    "Nah, i'm jus a amateur..." But I thought what the possibilities could really be.
    "Dude, let go of that stuff...you got what others don't...even ask Jaden..."
    Jaden was, how could you say, the best guitarrist there was in school, and good with other instruments as well. He was the one who performed in the first concert I attended to...and he also became my best friend. I mourn his loss, as well as all those who remember and cared for him.
    "I don't think Jaden would approve me yet..."
    "Stop being such a wuss...How'd you know if you've not even tried yet?" I listened to that, but still doubted.
    "Alright...fine...you win..." and pushed him jokingly "...but if it all becomes a mess, then it'll be you to blame...and i'll get my revenge!" I said, half laughing.
    "Ok, ok...if that does happen, advise me so I can run away first!" He said, and I punched him softly in the arm.

    That day seemed to linger with the heat of summer untill night came, cooling slightly. It was a normal Friday, but I felt like something was about to happen, but didn't know if that could be that day, or the next.
    As I walked home, I hummed the tune I had jus came up with...It reminded me of her. Who was her? Maybe one of the most beautiful girl i've ever had the delight to set my eyes on. The fact is that I'd never had the chance to talk to her, despite Mark nudging me every time to get close...Now I know I should never have tried.

    A car stopped beside me as I walked home, and a head popped out. "Mr Strange..." he said half laughing "...there's a party over at Johanssons place, want to go?"
    I doubted for a moment and then accepted, hopping into the vehicle. They were all known classmates, and called me "Mr Strange" because of my name, which you know is...Odd.
    I'd never been to Johanssons place, and all in the car bragged about the amazing things they'd done there, and all the things he had in the house...which, by now, seemed like a 5 star hotel. When we got there, boy, my guess wasn't that far off. and i'd never been in some place like this.
    "Hey, Strange, we could fit everything in your mouth..." and they laughed. I shut my mouth in response, but barely could hold back my awe.
    As we stepped out there was allot of noise and people inside. I had never been so amazed of the ammount of stupid things people can do with a few beers in their bodies. I didn't include myself in the sharade, and swore myself i'd never drink nor smoke not once in my life...something i'm proud of up 'till today.
    I won't detail what happened, but i'll tell you that I couldn't stand it...I stepped out onto a quiet (as quiet as possible, and isolated) balcony of that huge house, trying to listen to myself, to the tunes in my head.
    "Couldn't stand the noise?" A female voice arose from the darkness, startling me. I hadn't noticed there was someone else there, watching the city lights.
    "Sort of...I jus don't feel comfortable with all that shabang..."
    She giggled...and with that I recognized who she was...despite of the darkness.
    "Then why ddi you come?" I made a face.
    "I don't know...curiosity?"
    She laughed...and I felt I was melting...
    "I'm Helen, by the way..." and she smiled...
    I doubted..."Ummm, please don't laugh at my name...?" I said in a kind of panicked voice...
    "Why should I?" and smiled again, that lovely smile.
    "Well, because my name is Odd"
    "Well, any name can be odd. How odd is it?"
    I laughed...trying to relieve myself...
    "I knew you wouldn't get it...My name is Odd...Oddr actually, but here it's Odd."
    "What?! You're kidding me, right?" and I shook my head.
    She laughed so hard I felt embarrassed...but from that moment something so marvelous started, that I wish I could keep having right now...