• Stop…Wait , Listen

    Are you there?
    Hello? Can’t you hear me calling you?
    You said you’d always be there for me.
    Did things change?
    What did I do wrong?
    I can’t see you,
    But I can feel your presence.
    Your there. I know you hear me.
    Why don’t you reply.
    You only reply with actions that I don’t understand.
    Not words.
    I am sorry I am so impatient.
    It is just how I am a part of my soul.

    Yet I am beginning to understand.
    I’m horrible at listening.
    But if I want you to listen to me
    Then I must listen to you.
    I will try very hard to listen and pay attention.
    Is it okay if I ask questions?
    I won’t interrupt.
    I won’t.
    I will Stop…, Wait. Listen.
    For you.
    Then you will do the same for me.
    Ok. I’m ready.
    I’m ready to stop, wait, and listen.

    By: Mary Vargas