• The blood lining the wall told them all that they needed to know. The blood was crusted and dark. Old. The cops pulled out and a woman walked in.
    “Oh Rose.” She said, “Your letter has gotten to me late and the plants have become all wilted and brown.” She looked at the walls and than to the dried corps on the floor. Two people walk in, one male the other female, a husband and wife team, doctors both.
    “Nothing out of the ordinary.” The woman muttered. “Unless you see anything… wait, the corps- urr, Rose’s body has been wiped and dusted!” She and her husband stand up and look at the rest of the floor.
    “Look, there is dust here, but none around Rose.” The husband exclaimed. “Was someone taking care of it?”
    “I think so.” Delilah said, she put a finger to her lips and point to the corner where the curtains were gathered. She withdrew he gun and stepped forward. The doctors follow her lead, drawing their own weapons as they drew in closer. Delilah aimed at the now quivering curtains. She grabbed them and threw them back.
    “Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot!” a child’s voice yelled, she held her hands in front of herself, tears streaming.
    “Mary?” Delilah said.
    “Mary!” both of the doctors yelled, “Roses daughter? How could she-“
    “Mary? You are Mary right?” Delilah said as she putting away her gun. Mary nodded. “Are you okay? Where is your brother? Where is your brother? Where is John?”
    “I-I-I don’t know.” She whispered.
    “How old is she?” the female doctor whispered to her husband.
    “She turned four last year. Lucy what are we going to do with her?”
    “What can we do?” Lucy hissed, “we don’t even know what happened here Nash. How can we help her?”
    “I-I know wha-what ha-hap-happened, and w-who.” Mary stammered. “B-but I still don’t kn-know where John is.” More tears escaped her eyes as she spoke.
    “there, there Mary. Its okay. Come with me, you hungry?” Delilah asked, hugging Mary. “Let me get you something.” With that she picked Mary up and carried her out.
    “I don’t know what we are going to do Lucy, this is bad!”
    “I hope Delilah can fix all of this.” Lucy looked up at her husband.
    “I think she can help Mary a little at least.” Nash said, “She is Roses sister after all.”