• I'm doing this for her, my love. She never wanna see me again, not after that thing that happened, I was thinking kinda depressed and climbed up on the brigde's egde. It felt like I was standing there for a while and was looking like hypnotized at the dark water who rushed under the brigde, and away.
    Maybe I should forget it? Climb off and walk home, act like nothing happened? I was thinking, a lil frightened of the dark water.
    I looked towards the white house with two floor's. She hasn't came home yet. It was dark in the window, where my love lived.
    Her lovely room, there you could stay forever. I been there so many times, I wanted to be there now, with her. Sitting on her bed, talking. Like old times.
    Why can't I have a remote control, where I could control my life?
    Pause, when it's needed. Flush forward during boring classes like Maths. Flush backward when I did something wrong. And play when you are ready for it.
    I guess life would be too simple if you had a remote control.
    I looked at the clock, 23:58. Two minute's left, to what? To when I was going to suicide, take my life? Because of a silly girl. But the silly girl is amazing, in any way.
    I took up my phone from pocket. Then wrote in a text ''I love you'', then I sent it to a very special girl. One minute left. Why not do it right now? It's not like she was going to come. I was being impatient. I looked up towards, the dark sky and white moon. Then I stepd out. At same time I heard someone scream:
    The voice I been waiting so long to hear, to hear it say or scream my name. But now that's over. The wind whined around my ears, and I freezed. A second after I was gone. Swallowed by the dark water. Everything got black.