• I feel the summer wind rushing in my hair
    blowing it around
    whipping my face
    brushing my hair out of my face

    I see you
    I'm trying to run for you
    You seem so far away

    It feels like I'm getting closer
    closer and closer I become

    but the long and painful road I'm going down
    is only getting longer

    halfway there
    my heart pounding
    getting closer

    but the road gets longer

    i need you
    i need to see you
    i miss you

    but your just so far away...
    I can barely see you anymore

    Please, I miss you
    Tears are coming out of my brown glossy eyes
    Don't go, don't go down that road

    I finally get there
    but your gone
    out of my hands forever
    I will never see you again....

    I still pray for you every night
    hoping to see your face

    we came into contact once
    I missed that
    I missed you
    and i still do


    R.I.P. Papa, this was dedicated to you. I miss you like the world has no water and misses the water. I need you and Nana to come back. Please, I'm nothing without you...