• Im inuyashayuuki_1 these are the stories i wrote for the anime s vampire knight and blood plus the characters YUUKI and SAYA they are the main characters and this is what i think if i was them in love or in sibling rivalry i will not know what they been through but i have a good idea ......................PM ME IF YOU LIKE THEM

    (sorry no periods of really sentences hope u understand it though >w< wink
    YUUKI IN A THOUGHT..................will he come or will i stay
    as the light shine through my window the warmth from the sun is all i feel im trapped in a room not to be free like a bird i was trapped by the bounds of love and despair i m a weapon to hurt and nothing more the people here are cruel and nothing more i stare out my window the more lonely i feel about all the people i left behind to protect them i sacrificed a lot of my will and life to protect them but instead the choice i made was a mistake took there live right when i made my choice i feel bad so very bad but i cant take it back at all nothing i can do can ever change im sorry im sorry thats all i could say to them in my mind all the regret i fell will never go away and even if i die i will still carry the regret with me will anyone forgive me in the end i will die the same way they did all alone and be there cold in fear as a flower in this cold dry place i bloom in there poison and i cant break free a spider web has become made for me to die tangled in a web of fear will i ever break free from them i will never know and will he ever know my love for him will it keep me going or will it tear me apart he never said he loved me but i know he does one way or another will i ever regret the decisions to drink blood of another and betray him has he done the same to me i will never know KANAME..........will u ever be there for me will u save me will help me will you come back for me
    a voice i know to well the person i regret to hurt Zero will i be afraid of him or love him my heart is in two will i ever choose the one who left me but is a person i want to protect or the person who cared for me and i truly love the decisions is hard and never easy i will be eaten up by the part of me that wants to devour everything bout kaname my sanity is being taken little by little never staying to long will i survive in this world covered in blood that will never change its color to the beautiful colors of life its just stained like the blood i drink
    'aauugh, aauugh'
    not again not now no no im not thirsty i dont have him here to help me and zero i cant not his blood no no no i have to control the beast in me..............................
    'why must it happen this way'

    will it ever happen like that
    END>>>>> :3User Image

    SAYA........................will i ever understand the life im tied to
    born from the same mother in this world ied to blood and war between beast in the form of humans such as my self o protect humans in the red shield with Hagi i was a at fault from the start and the reason why this all started my fault and my mistake i was careless and ignorant not to make up for it i have to kill my own sister Diva i never thought of her to be my little sister i had lost my memories in the Vietnam war they comeback slowly at a time the horrible memories in me that come back in my dreams as nightmares and illusions will i regret my decisions to kill her will i ever be free without this fighting and blood sheda gentle thing in this world be comes tainted and dies like a rose once its plucked it starts to wilt and die they never last Diva is just lie that and so am i when we awake from our long slumber only given a few years to stay awake and live in this world trying to kill each other i never understood my sister i never understood the purpose or reason the way she is until the very end i will always regret the choice i made but she and i never knew the consciences of our battle would end with one of us living and the other to crystallize and die the beautiful rose the color of blue not shown in the world to die and no one ever know just a secret but presciuos treasure was left behind t little girl s left next to there diseased mother im going to make then choice to kill myself and the dear little babies
    'SAYA!!! STOP... What are you doing'
    'KIE im making the choice to kill myself and the babies i made Hagi promise me when we left the zoo that when this is all over i will die to I HAVE TO DIE NOW KIE YOU CANT STOP ME'
    i never said anything after that or paid attention to kie or hagi i knew they were yelling or it was just kie i looked up at the sky i felt tears coming from my eyes why must she die why cant i die to why then i felt someone behind me
    'SAYA '
    Hagi............ he placed his arms around me to give me support my tears kept coming and coming Hagi held my tighter to him
    i left out a horrible scream then a few moments and a strange sound happens to produce
    'ccrrrack ccrracck'
    it came from the cocoons of the babies i walk near them and to be startled to see the faces of the little baby girls staring right at me with smiling faces thunder and rain start to come and the girls start crying i looked to were Diva was the rain made it look like she was crying i will always feel sad and troubled in the case of loosing my sister Diva a bird that will never see the sky of ever be free
    "All she wanted was to be free from that test tube all she wanted to be free in this world but now she has it in the end my poor poor sad lonely Diva you got it in the end' her chevaliar
    will i ever get that feeling in life
    THE END............... :3User Image