• Crisis Actor - Crisis actors are supposedly professional actors used by government agencies and/or the mainstream media to deceive the public with portrayals of trauma and suffering. Specifically, they act as victims or witnesses in staged school shootings or hoax terrorist attacks.

    I use to think he was a Crisis Actor, but now I think he's just a guy with Aspergers who's able to articulate his words very well; And knew who to make friends with, and talk to, to move up in the world:

    David Hoggs is the young man who was a 'survivor' of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting on February 14, 2018 and afterward became a gun control advocate and an activist against gun violence in the United States.

    This theory was largely sparked by a video of David being posted to YouTube and even started to trend #1 (now deleted from YT), claiming it had evidence of David appearing in other crisis events over the years, most notable being that he was the shooter at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, Adam Lanza, especially due to this photo:

    Hogg had visited California in 2017 and witnessed an altercation, about which he made a video blog — a simple fact that was blown out by conspiracy theorists to mean he already lived in Los Angeles and was part of the entertainment industry. (Hogg did live in California, but relocated with his family to Florida before starting high school; he returns to visit every year, as many people do.)

    The issue with David being Lanza that includes this is the age, birth, and date differences:
    Adam Lanza:
    Born: April 22, 1992
    Died (by suicide): December 14, 2012
    Age: 20yrs old

    David Hoggs:
    Born: April 12, 2000
    Died: -alive-
    Age: 19

    Not to mention that a video/pictures his classmate has come out, provided by a classmate, showing he actually was in the Stoneman Douglass year book, at least for 2017.

    But it was proven he was in Stoneman Douglas High School in 2017:

    There's also people saying that he was not at school on the day of the shooting which is untrue; He was at school, then when he was let go he road his bike back home 3 miles to get video equipment and go back where he found a Fox News van and decided to give an interview:
    David Hogg:
    "On the day of the shooting, I got my camera and got on my bike and rode as fast as I could three miles from my house to the school to get as much video and to get as many interviews as I could because I knew that this could not be another mass shooting"
    "At 6 pm after the shooting, I took my camera, got on my bike. I rode in basically twilight. And I ride my bike three miles down winding sidewalks and find my way to the school, as I’ve done in previous years. All the while, I was making sure my camera bag didn’t rip open, because if you zip it a certain way, the camera falls out, and it would be destroyed.

    I start shooting B-roll, and I see Fox News over there. I knew I wanted to talk on the news and make sure there was advocacy, especially with so many people from the [National Rifle Association] and different gun-toting Americans who watch Fox News. I went on the day of [the shooting], and said, “There cannot be another mass shooting,” and I think that’s partially why. But also other people started saying that at the same time.

    I’m looking at the school right now. You can see bullet holes in the windows. It’s insane, and the fact that there’s more bullet holes in those windows than bills that have been proposed and passed to save these kids’ lives is disgusting."

    After reviewing all of this, it appears that the problem was that CBS included a very confusing quote without context. Hogg was on campus during the shooting and returned several hours later to interview people across the street.

    David also had his home 'Swatted' (calling the Swat to someone's house as a prank)- police have still not been able to find the person who called in the Swat team; David and his family were not home at the time. Conspiracy Theorists assume David, or a friend of David, called the Swat team on himself in order to get more publicity towards his anti-gun movement.


    Not to mention David has been found to be working with a group that has been linked back to George Soros that is trying to stomp-out Republicans/gun owners:

    It's also been confirmed by David himself, that his father, Kevin Hoggs, is a ex FBI agent. and currently works for Cubic - A weapons simulation company (which does look suspicious imo); And he's the only one of the survivors to speak out and have a parent with ties to the FBI; He also supposedly coached David into anti-Trump lines while giving interviews.


    And his mother has become a CNN VIP member - This allows her and her son to tour the News Offices whenever they want basically (she has also admitted to being anti-Trump): https://bigleaguepolitics.com/mother-exploited-shooting-survivor-turns-cnn-vip-anti-trump-activist/


    Reading more into it, and watching more videos and interviews of him, I think he may have Aspergers Syndrome, like Adama Lanza had, and that it why he's able to speak so well, have a more brooding/power-driven demeaner, speak intelligently, but when it comes to speaking about his emotions - like how the Stoneman school shooting has affected him and brought him grief and pain, he starts to stutter a bit and doesn't know what to say and gets this very slight nervous tick.


    People with Aspergers are known for their intelligence and logic, and lack of emotional, emotional understanding, and expression.

    Idk, to me it seems like this shooting was a good career move for him, and it seems he certainly knew the right people to be friends with, and who to talk to after the event...

    Don't get me wrong, he DEFINITELY has an agenda that is Anti-Guns, and Anti-Republicans, but imo he is far from actually being a 'Crisis Actor'

    Now given as crazy as the idea of a Crisis Actor seems, I will say:
    "Crisis actor" proponents appear to have some degree of Prosopagnosia (the inability to recognise faces) and be unaware of it, or that people in general are much better than them at recognising faces. Evidence for "crisis actors" is frequently two people who don't actually have the same face, but who have similar hair, skin colour and clothes. An alternate tactic is to present multiple pictures of the same person at the same event, then claim that they are different events.