• Ok, so I have this theory (that is somewhat based in fact) that the reason gay men (which I will be using for this example) are gay is because of the mothers body. Let me explain; There was a study (if someone can find it and post it in a comment, thank you) that stated that the more male children a mother has the more of her bodies' female hormones will get into the male fetuses genetics because they are only use to being female and will start thinking the male baby developing in the is supposed to be female/is a defective female and will attack it trying to turn it into one; but will only somewhat succeed on a genetic level, because the fetus has already developed as a male in physical form. This would effect it's hormones to be more feminine instead of masculine.

    This means the reason a gay man likes men is because the female hormones/genetics are telling him, upon entering puberty, to go seek out a man to have a child with him; Which of course he cannot naturally.

    This may explain why some gay men tend to be far more feminine and seek out more masculine men; While 2 feminine men tend to always fight since females are genetically predisposed to being territorial with each other to get the better man and keep other females away.

    *will add more information/science based findings later, just want to put a pin in it for now before I forget