• In the fourth grade,
    I was severely bullied by a girl I'll call Abby.
    Abby started out being nice. She and I shared the same interests,
    and we both had the same group of friends.
    One day, I teased her about dating a friend of hers.
    She ignored me no matter how much I pleaded and said sorry.
    She would tell all my friends that I bullied her and was mean and blah blah blah.
    I would run away crying and no one would care.
    I never told her off or anything.

    I thought about ending it all.

    I thought 'What if I just left?"
    I planned it all out.
    Then, I stopped myself.
    I said "What will happen to my family?"
    I cried.
    I said I would never think like that again.

    I attempted again in 5th grade.
    I stopped myself again.

    Finally, she left the school.
    I found out my other friends had been bullied too.
    But I had bigger problems anyway.
    Another girl took her place.