• The day you were hospitalized my sister cried all night,
    I really tried to assure her that things would be alright,
    And then those 2 months passed by and my sister was against the wall,
    I stood in the living room as she got the call,
    I heard in the room crying I went but didn't know what to say,
    In a crying voice she said "Hector died today",
    I tried to be calm as tears welled up in my eyes,
    Nobody had gotten to say their goodbyes,
    I walked into the living room as her crying flew into my ears,
    I leaned on my younger sisters lap and burst into tears,
    She tried to calm me down as more tears rolled down my face,
    My father tried to tell me Hector was in a better place,
    When we had the calmed down and the crying stopped,just about,
    My father said to keep Hector alive inside,my brother said inside doesn't count,
    Again I started crying and I went back to the room,
    I lay down on the bed hoping I would awake from this nightmare soon,
    And then I start to realize,
    As more tears well up in my eyes,
    That this was no nightmare it was true,
    Keeping Hector in my thoughts is now all I can do...