• Through your eyes I see
    in my heart you’ll always be,
    Wish that I you were here
    no matter what I will always be near.
    Only asking for your touch,
    is that asking too much?
    Should we ever have to part,
    emptiness would fill my heart.
    Come to me as quick as you can,
    call only me your man.
    Now you must leave me,
    why must this be?
    Two souls become one,
    both of us under the same sun.
    When next we see each other
    our love will be just that much stronger.
    Too soon to tell you this
    but if I wait my chance I will miss.
    If that should come to pass,
    know this the world may be vast,
    but I will always wait.
    Like a wolf you’re my one mate.
    Never should we feel sorrow,
    for I will see you in the morrow.