• Cry.
    By Annastasia

    Crying is your only friend.
    That's the result of being alone.
    You want the pain to end,
    you don't want it shown.

    When people are fakes,
    it's not fair.
    Your heart aches
    and then it breaks.

    People just don't care.
    They want you to be filled with fear.
    So they give an evil stare.
    All it does and make you tear.

    You start to cry,
    they just walk away.
    You say you want to die,
    they say yout ok.

    But your not.
    Pain rumbles inside.
    The pain hurts more than a gunshot.
    You just want to hide.

    The life you'll soon leave behind,
    they really don't deserve you.
    Not one of them was kind.
    But soon you'll be at a calmer state of mind.