• Drinking hate like an elixir
    I can be your arsenic salvation
    I am society’s orphan
    Forgotten, but not by the lost ones

    I can carry you across the River Styx
    Boat-mistress to the damned
    I court the Reaper
    Then steal the bloodied scythe

    Heartless harpy
    Haunter of dreams
    Screaming banshee
    Counter of immoral deeds

    Venom, Laudanum, Nightshade, and Opium
    The paints of a dead man’s canvas
    Dementia dreams and midnight screams
    The backgrounds of my little still life

    I can write the last page of your pathetic script
    In curling cursive letters if you insist…
    But only if it’s written in your own blood
    Red is the new black you know, and you make it look good

    I don’t make bargains, so don’t even try
    I am not the devil, so please don’t mistake me
    My name isn’t death, he’s too easy

    My name is far more familiar to you
    Agony, deceit, fear, and hate
    These are the things that I imbibe
    Defeat and loneliness, betrayal and lies
    The side of you, you try to hide
    I am you…

    ~And you will hate me~