• you say were friends
    i know your wrong
    you say it depends
    our talks are long

    you finally say
    you love me too
    i say ok
    ill risk it for you

    you ask if i love you
    i say as a friend
    as i try to say i love you too
    even though you don't say you love me
    i know what you think,you breath,and love

    you look at me with loving eyes
    but still you treat me as a child or a little sibling
    i love you so much though i dispise
    the way your treating

    my heart is jumping out
    i care for you as my health,my life,and my family
    you don't understand why i care and pout
    you dont give me a chose of rout

    i guess ill never express how i feel for the one i call....................
    my love