• A Cinderella Story

    Grief is a tale told between the ages
    Written in dead ink and worn out pages.
    The tales change from time to time,
    Suiting a particular word or set rhyme.

    The idea will stay, alone yet the same
    A princess remembered by her name
    Triumphant and daring in her dream
    Living a reality that will barely seem.

    We shall fantasize over this tale for long
    Until its in our heart beating so strong.
    Yet beating so strong in gallops and starts
    We forget the roles of the ever after parts.

    Sometimes we do not have the chances
    To be merry and join ballroom dances.
    Sometimes we can never say goodbye
    leaving us to question the reasons why.

    Sometimes we are left all alone,
    Forgetting everything we have ever known.
    though the princess and prince are divine
    their hearts their love are far from mine.

    We must believe in our bittersweet tale
    but realize sometimes it will fail,
    But the chance is worth the wait
    To find one intertwined fate.