• Who is that girl in the mirror?
    Why is she looking straight back at me?
    how come she's wearing my clothes?
    That can't be me,
    I don't have that face, do I?
    I feel I should remember you,
    but I don't know who you are.
    Get out of my mirror, stop pretending to be me.
    That isn't my face,
    that isn't my skin,
    with deep scars,
    my running blood fild with sin.
    Stop pointing that judging finger at me
    You don't know who I am!!
    Don't lable me with the world
    if all you can do is spam.
    Get out of my mirror, stop staring at me.
    Scream as I smash the mirror
    and the blood will run free.
    But who is that girl in the mirror,
    and why does she pretend to be me?