• I lie comatose in the night, waiting for my voice to return.
    Its lovely scent still lingers in the air; its touch is still felt upon my flesh.
    This being dances beyond my window pane, teasing me with its morbid beauty.
    Swing and sway to the beat of my pulse, beloved. Twirl and Turn to the rhythm of my breath.
    For I only breathe for you! You are what I cannot find words to sing.
    If I could find them, surely I would throw them into the night for you to hear!
    You would dance to them, my angel, and you would not break step for fear of their removal.
    Their sterling tone sweetens the night; their holy presence calls out to your dissipating mortality.
    Yet, the day still breaks! The day has come to ruin this midnight waltz.
    Let us vanquish this monster; let us unite so that the moon may bless us once more.
    Those precious words, those intimate words, they will die beneath that appalling sunlight!
    Come now, voice of mine! Come, so we may steal them away, so we may reveal our true nature!
    Let us go on a rampage; we will triumph this night!
    We will take the flesh of our enemy, and devour it ever so slowly!
    We will! We must! Before the dawn breaks, we must absorb their unholy powers.
    And upon the night’s last breath, we will sacrifice our lives. We will frolic with glistening eyes.
    Our humanly organs are now decaying in our broken vessels.
    My voice, now dancing at my side will sing our corpses a morbid requiem.
    Upon the world of the dead, those bodies will lie; now ornate with fire and brimstone.
    As we are immortal, the accursed sunlight will become a distant memory in the midnight realm!