• cheetah, staring at the horizon,
    her gaze captured by movement
    in the not too far off distance,
    gaze unblinking, unwavering,
    concentration evident in her
    amber eyes.
    she slowly creeps, closer,
    closer, ever closer, to see what
    has captured her imagination...
    a herd of Thompson gazelle,
    grazing the dry Savannah grass.
    amber eyes
    observe them searching for the
    merest hint of moisture to soothe
    their parched throats, unaware they
    are being targeted and are under
    scrutiny of a hungry cheetah's
    amber eyes.
    a gazelle foolishly has wandered
    away from the safety of the herd;
    due to its negligence, it will pay
    with its life...it sees the ending of
    the story in the cheetah's
    amber eyes.

    life ends on the Savannah for one
    african animal, but it will sustain
    life for another