• On a windy and dark night
    With the air full of leaves to dance
    A man named Adam was walking alongside
    The beach as the tides grow larger

    The moon was shining over the sea
    As if there was a luminous diamond deep within
    And the beautiful sight that is rare to come by
    Was laughed at by Adam’s dislike

    Adam was a greedy and jelous man
    Who could not hold his evil and cruel pleasures
    To steal and crave the sight of torture
    And for that, his malice grows stronger

    On the night of his mocking at the moon
    A woman came in his sight, becoming in awe
    But Adam could not hold his evil ways
    As he introduced himself in a disgusting way

    The mysterious woman took notice of Adam
    As she walked closer to him, naked within the light
    Holding a basket of apples and pears
    That looked as if love were a fruit

    The woman walked closer to him
    Staring into his eyes that shined in Adam’s
    Taking an apple and a pear from the basket
    And placed them in both palms of her hands

    The woman went closely to Adam and whispered,
    “The pear represents good will and misfortune.
    The apple represents good luck and despair.
    Choose wisely, for it may change your life forever…”

    Adam had thought and thought as he
    Stared into the eyes of the enchanting woman
    And finally, he chose both and devoured
    The fruits of the destiny within him

    The woman floated above the ground with rage
    And screamed a devilish screech into the air
    As she grew black wings and grey horns
    That could terrify all mortals in sight
    “Adam! You have defied the ways of
    True compassion and sympathy and for that,
    Your days of wretched cruelty are done!”
    Screeched the devilish woman of peace and tranquility

    From the day of birth and life
    Until the day of death and despair
    The life of Adam is as nothing as
    The lies and crimes that he has committed

    The once greedy and needy monster
    Has now become a lifeless flower
    His soul is burning from the fires of hell
    For attention and forgiveness of his victims

    As Adam knows that his fate is brutal
    He prays to the lord that he loves his father
    But the responses from his father are only
    The lessons that Adam learns, the effect of his causes

    Every night as he walks along that beach
    He looks down at his new home, below him
    But whenever he looks up, he sees the moon
    That looks down at him in shame and sadness

    Adam falls upon his knees and cries
    And closes his palms together and prays
    In hopes of relieving his pain he whispers,
    “In Jesus’ name, I pay my price…”

    Christopher B. Jarvis II