• There once was a man from Kalamazoo,
    (I never knew him, but neither did you)
    He had an adventure-you can bet that it's true,
    And it all began on the wide ocean blue.
    The man was Captain, except for his crew,
    And one fine day he was in his canoe,
    When suddenly came a fabulous view:
    The sea sprung up; at once it grew,
    Into a woman, with proportions askew.
    The man could just gape with his heart in his shoes,
    As the woman smiled, and made her great debut,
    As into his heart, love made a great coup,
    The man asked her name, but he already knew,
    For the woman was the sea, which he couldn't woo,
    But the woman just smiled, and waved at him too,
    But this silence just made the man's love anew,
    And then he asked her to dinner for two,
    But the sea just smiled and laughed without construe,
    And back into the sea she finally flew.
    The man just sighed and breathed “Adieu,
    For I may never know another one like you,
    But for once, I'd like love to pay me my dues.”
    But love never does, if that's not untrue,
    For love's smote us all, and if not, wait a few.