• Seven years ago to the day,
    Fate took someone away.
    Between the time of ten or eleven,
    Someone we held close was sent to heaven.

    Someone I knew until I was eight.
    I wish I had more time, but I'm too late.
    I wish I could've known her more,
    She was someone I did adore.

    We all loved her without a doubt.
    She was someone wonderful to find out about.
    She was my grandmother and a friend.
    She remained that way until the end.

    Even past then, until now.
    I sometime still wonder how...
    How did we make it through?
    I know I didn't have single clue.

    Our hearts were torn in such a way,
    I wonder how life could ever repay.
    How had we been torn apart?
    It just gave me a sinking feeling deep within my heart.

    Bring her back, I cried to the skies.
    Nothing but tears filled my eyes.
    No respons, not a single word spoken
    But I had learned a valuable lesson.

    If you still have time with those you care for,
    Even if they aren't someone you really adore,
    Please, just let them know how much you care...
    Before their loss you'll have to bare.