• We are here.
    We have always been here.
    You once knew us as your saviours, your protectors, your lovers, and your freinds.
    We were your freinds.
    And you betrayed us.
    We protected you from the demons over running the Earth and in return, when a preist tells you we are evil, we are cast out from your kind.
    You even mocked us, creating stone statues in ugly forms, horribly disfigured. All we did was try to help and you hate us.
    Now, when evil is once again ruleing, you try to get us back.
    We tried saving you, we will not go back to you.
    Like we have.
    Fear the things that go bump in the night for we are no longer there to destroy it.
    Know fear for once in your puny mortal lives.
    You should have never betrayed us.