• We truely love each other
    but we can't be together

    Someone will end up hurt
    and I will be feeling
    I shouldn't be on Earth

    When we say those three words and sometimes more
    It's like your lifting me off the Ocean floor

    But when you said those words
    it killed me inside
    Like i shouldn't live
    and be alive

    I think about you everyday and everynight wishing
    you were there with me at night,
    under the stars,
    In the pitch black moon light

    I love you so much,
    it's just hard to say goodbye,
    Everyday and eveynight I wish you were there,
    by myside

    I will wait for you forever or maybe even never
    I'll soon burn in hell, cause that night i promised
    I wouldn't die...I broke the promise and I'm sorry i lied...