• Cant u c the tears running down my cheeks,
    An everlasting waterfall as i fall on my knees,
    Cant u hear my screams and pleads,
    as u slowly turn ur bak on me,
    cant u c the cuts and bruises from the fight for sanity that i lost,
    cant u c me fading right before ur eyes,
    as u keep feeding me stories of what couldve been our life,
    and cant u c the sleepless eyes,
    as i go limp in his arms,
    how much more must i endure,
    before u realize,
    u were my life,
    my hopes,
    my dreams,
    my everything,
    but now i realize,
    i was just another girl,
    an addition to ur sick collection,'
    but i cant get over u,
    and no matter how many dreams u have occupied,
    and no matter how much this pains me to say,
    i dont think ill EVER get over u...