• The Chronicles
    Current mood: awake
    Category: Writing and Poetry

    in the darkness i rest
    in the the heart of the one who makes me live,
    love, and believe
    above the death of many dreams
    in the breath of a loved one.
    You will find me silhouetted, there.
    Waiting, watching...for the one I love
    given second chances....
    most, will find courage
    Some, salvation
    fewer, loss
    I found Love....
    Blind i search
    seeking the truth
    there's light at the end of the tunnel
    I find you there,
    beside me
    I find meaning, a purpose
    stay by my side i request...
    give me patience I plead...
    will i get both?
    will i continue to fall?
    the one I seek?
    In the end,
    will they be there?
    I now understand
    The meaning,
    The lies,
    they stay in the back of my thoughts
    can't be purged
    they sit
    they haunt
    but I should thank you
    Because you showed me
    you proved
    the bad in the world
    its real
    no changing it,
    but as it would be,
    it dismisses itself
    like you
    you threw my hopes away
    now, I would hope for your happiness
    But I'd be a hypocrite
    because your happiness
    feeds on the anguish of others....
    maybe that's why I quit,
    I tried
    I really did
    I wanted to make you happy
    but I realized
    you were in it for the end
    for the sake of the game
    and it started before we met
    so, congratulations
    you win
    dead flowers lie on the floor
    as you run out the door
    reaching for help
    before you drown
    anyone with a heart
    A heart you could feed on
    someone you could need
    you thought that was me