• there once was a pancake,
    who had a big heartache,

    he longed for a music box,
    but instead was given socks,

    one day he went out side,
    he was going to take a little ride,

    as he drove he past by a girl,
    who was trying to do a twirl,

    her name was dandprule you see,
    when she saw the little pancake she smiled with glee,

    she said"i have been waiting for you"
    and she gave a him a music box that was blue,

    he said"wow thanks.how can i repay u"
    she said show me aorund town im new,

    she said she needs a place to stay,
    he said"how about my house,dont worry im gay,

    so she went to his house and sat on the couch,
    he sat by her and slouched,

    she said dont do that u'll get numb,
    and she gave him a back rub,

    before he knew it,
    his head was bit,

    she gobbled him down and sent a text,
    it was sent to muffin saying"ur next"