• The stars
    They shine so bright
    In the darkened sky
    All throught the night

    Lined up
    In perfect harmony
    An orgasm in the waiting
    For both you and me

    The wind in the air
    makes it as cold as such
    And the stars make me realize
    I love you so much!

    Beauty is in your eyes
    I can see it so clearly
    You put me in a daze
    Every moment you are near me

    As I sleep
    I think of you
    As i'm awake
    I think of you

    I long to be near you
    To feel your gentle touch
    Oh, I yern to feel
    Your lips caress mine and such

    Your voice is so soft
    Your eyes are so suductive
    Your touch is so soothing
    Your lips are so gentle

    You are so beautiful
    If only you knew
    About how i feel about you
    And what i wanna do

    I want to touch you
    I want to kiss you
    I want you to know this
    So you can share this passion with me

    Don't leave me
    Please don't run away
    I want to to stay
    So you can steal me away

    It's like i can't breath
    It's like i can't see anything
    Nothing but you
    I'm addicted to you

    I'm hooked on you
    I need a fix
    I can't take it
    Just one more hit
    I promise I can deal with it
    I'll handle it
    Quit it
    Just one more hit
    Then that's it
    Just a bit more to get me throught this