• Pounding, dripping, falling down,
    Rolling, burning, crashing sound.
    Flash of light that fills the sky,
    Fills my room as I sit and cry.

    The storm is raging, nature's sin,
    But it can't compare to my storm within.
    I squeeze my eyes shut to hold it in,
    But it all flows out, I just can't win...

    I find solace though, hearing the rain,
    The sound washing away my pain.
    The wind hurls the drops against the window's glass,
    Like tiny lives extunguished so fast.

    I look outside, my face hot and wet,
    The rain has slowed, but hasn't ended yet.
    The storm is dying, both without and within,
    I pull back the knife, saving my skin.

    The rain has come and erased all my pain,
    I can only hope it returns if this happens again...
    Now it's all over, all is now calm
    I wipe the tears from my face with my still shaking palm.

    Water drips from my rooftop, and now I lay back,
    My eyes slowly close as my mind fades to black...