• A kiss as swift as a butterfly
    Like clean, beautiful so
    Like clean, shining with glow
    Shining like a star
    Sparkling so far
    Mysterious its death
    Like the sun coming up,
    Just as colorful and happy as well as awakening.
    Awakening like a shock
    Or a bolt of lightening
    Made by groups of energy
    Like running, much as fast, as it can slow
    Like the end of the day
    Just as longing as excited for the next day to come
    But instead,
    You find out your dead.
    The end of the story, The end of the day
    No more days or worship or pray
    No more longing no more fright
    Indeed you shall not waste this night.
    This night came for a reason.
    It came for a shock.
    It came for your life to be put on lock.
    No longer shall you be happy.
    No longer shall your days be colorful.
    Forever shy and quiet,
    Mysteriously quiet
    The shadows’ stars are sparkling extra bright
    Such a shinning glow is outtasight,
    Swift as a butterfly, clean like the sea.
    Reminds me of a memory,
    Of that last kiss, the last kiss good-night....