• Four score and seven minutes ago
    My cube was gone, I'm naught but woe
    And in this box of me and sad
    I know now, I'll never be GLaD
    O mine box with perfect dimensions
    Why hath deny my romantic intentions?
    I'd like to cut free these hard wired tensions.
    With gun in my hand
    I do leaps and do jumps
    Now throw up in air
    From vertigo made lumps
    These beans, these beans
    These magically made fruit
    I know not were they come from
    But I eat, and I root.
    I know not if the sea is boiling hot
    Or if it is night or day
    All I do now is sit on my porch
    "Are you still there?"
    I do not know anymore
    Come now and gone by
    Was my dear sweet Lenore
    I guess now I shall bar the door
    And stay here--
    Quoth the Raven "Forevermore"
    Welcome to the Aperture Science Enrichment Center
    We take good things and make them better
    But if you happen to break down and cry
    On the floor you shall forever lie.
    I have each portal
    One orange, one blue
    They can only be multiplied
    By numerals of two

    I use them to hide
    And use them to jump
    But now I degrade
    To a small orange clad lump

    These tests and these trials
    They tear at my brain
    How now shall I end
    The overlords reign?
    I guess I may die
    And never move again
    I looked in the end of the gun
    There was nothing but wires and lead
    I'm starting to wonder if what she said
    Is trying to wind me up dead.

    Maybe she's trying for fun
    But I'm not so easily read
    That woman, that beast, she will now dread
    To wake up and find, me clutching her head.