• My eyes have seen mountains fall, hills rise, life given, and life taken.
    My heart has felt hatred and peace, misery and joy, and doubt and faith.
    She penetrated my skin, as a rain drop penetrates the ground, into the deepest depths of my heart, she awoke me, and all was well.
    Her tears flooded my hours with agony, outweighing oceans and seas,
    and the sun that gave me warmth, became warmer when she smiled, and drew the darkness out of my life.
    Like a star she shone brightly, when all fell into blackness, and by that light I opened my eyes to life.
    Seasons, they came and went, but her light never faded, and her touch melted the ice of misery that often froze in my soul.
    Words worthy of her glow I have never found, and never will.
    Because, when lost, it was her I sought. When tired, it was her who rested my heart.
    I was never nor will I ever be the happiest man on earth, but meeting her, I became the most fortunate, for I had found that which gave me reason, even when confusion surrounded my world.