• Your at a table talking with friends
    Laughing and waiting for her arrival
    You drink some punch
    You eat some cake
    It's 7:30
    Here she comes
    She walks in the door
    In a Green dress
    The perfect music plays
    She walks over
    She leans in and kisses your cheek
    You are happy she is here
    You've been waiting
    Since the first day of school
    You have a great time
    Dancing to great songs
    Then a slow one starts
    You go up and dance
    You whisper different things
    "I love you"
    "You mean everything to me."
    "Never leave my arms."

    She never looks at you
    You think you went too far
    You then see her turn
    With tears in her eyes
    She smiles at you
    Says she loves you
    You say the same thing back
    You then whisper again
    One simple thing
    As you dance along
    "Merry Christmas"

    Merry Christmas