• The_beggening//prt.1.sec.0.1
    A green and blue horizon
    Calm covers land
    Skies stay calm
    Land stays plentiful
    Till night comes
    All is quiet
    Sirenth plots the days come
    Carbonsili traps those foolish to dare the night
    Solince burns a new sun to forests
    None escape the three
    Seven aid the three
    The day of reckoning comes
    People flee for lives
    The second day under the destruction
    None have found refuge
    Solince runs a dragons breath across the land
    He consumes all flesh and burns what’s left
    Carbonsili lies in wait for the coming fourth
    Sirenth pulls tricks of somber night
    News of destruction torment the country
    Kingdoms fall
    Lands are quenched in crimson
    Plants glow red
    The fourth days birth comes to early
    Darkness doths hope
    Fear consumes sense
    Carbonsili plays with human minds
    Pits man against lover
    Child against brother
    Laughs cry from a broken voice
    Men and woman run from burning homes
    Set ablaze by Solince
    Named the suns right flare
    Carbonsili named
    Deaths laughter
    Solince the jokers trickster
    None stop the three
    Hundreds try
    Fail they must
    For only the four of five
    Can stop the moving wave of death
    Crimson rivers run dark in blood
    Plants blaze in blissful joy
    Dark clouds doth the country sides
    The destruction though has yet to begin....