• I don't belong here,
    I never did.
    Why did I think that,
    Who was I to kid.

    No one has loved me,
    They never really cared.
    So I sit in a corner,
    With so much dispair.

    I know I shouldn't do this,
    But what else can I do.
    Sit here with pain everyday,
    No one will have to come with me too.

    So why not give it a shot,
    I go get a knife.
    With a razor sharp edge,
    And I will take away my life.

    I have the kinfe,
    On the main veins.
    And I start cutting,
    On my clothes I have blood stains.

    I'm bleeding alot,
    More and more.
    I'm feeling faint,
    Depression has won the war.

    I killed myself,
    Because depression took over you see.
    Hopefully this won't happen to you,
    Like it happened to me.