• Gargoyles
    Leering in the place I must call home...

    Shredded curtains
    Draping the vast corridors of arcane darkness to be solved...

    Ripping the painting
    Fighting the wolves
    Confronting the beast
    Drift through the melancholy halls
    Dimly lit by flickering torches
    With one so awry silence
    Ashamed of grotesque visage
    As one red rose blooms
    Shimmering with stars of malediction

    Riverside at crimson October
    Waving the clouds
    Sink into the bed of welcoming spring grass
    As I let the breeze, the wind
    Take away my dreams as they dance and twirl along the soft, unseen path
    My longings as petals

    Cry at the moon as passion was stolen away
    Through the gates of ever-black forever
    Snow kept locked within, unwelcoming intruder
    Never penetrate and extinguish the light

    Flung onto blankets for tears collected
    Would one fall from the Heavens as snow whips beyond gilded windows?
    Once upon a time, try to mend the canvas with your enticing blue eyes
    Enchanted by the scintillating rose
    Blossomed by hope as a fingertip reaches to touch

    Arrow pierced so deep
    Warring to save one from danger
    Fly and sink like a sunset
    Coughing sick and weak for existence of feeling
    Chased through the cold
    The wind
    The time
    The shock
    Freeze white
    Drooping with shame and monstrosity
    One petal falls as he masks his face

    Sway in the moonlight
    Within the marble and gardens
    Dance out to the ballad sung so simply yet tenderly

    Swept away to the foreboding chamber
    Mirror to reveal
    Whatever you wish to see

    Bared upon the brink of his doom
    Salvation came with the cry of the angel's voice
    Forlorn he ever so was with her no longer in his confines
    Single touch of the cheek, a whisper, a smile
    Rustled away in a golden gown of beguiling beauty

    Dagger thrusted, intention for murder
    Deep was the incision, locked between ivory bars
    By the fire, weak but in comfort
    A snowy leap into her warmth of her arms
    Lead her to the doors of hidden universes pressed within pages

    Winter sunlight shine for her smile
    Warily step and reflect upon clear shards

    Dance in vast ballroom
    Of scene renowned and romanticized
    Blinding transformation into truth and beauty
    Jubilation of sparks coloring, exploding, painting the sky
    Waltz away into spring of rosy-white dawn
    Fade out, slowly, dreamily
    Stained-glass window of one happy ending
    Conjured and dreamed of by one romantic's hand
    For words to spin on the night of all screams