• my heart has done cracked, hurt, broken, and shaters i just hav two places

    left of my heart one is for friends the others for the people i love so try to keep

    sum people close before thay come back to brake ur heart even more cuz

    thats what happened to me iv been hurt so much that i hav been pushing

    people away and now im about dead on the inside cuz i let some hav my heart

    and thay hurt it and abused it.

    *a broken heart is like a broken mirror its better left broken cuz it hurts to try and fix it*

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    and my heart broke more and i thought of a way out

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    cuz i thought my death would set me free

    then when i found people that love me and cared for me i stoped trying

    you and i are friends...

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    you fight i fight...

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    you cry i cry...

    cry crying

    you hurt i hurt....

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    you jump of a bridge well i geuss ill see you soon...

    cuz we are and always will be friends..