• You feel your life is not worth living,
    And you might not make it another day,
    You feel you are not cared for and you start to fade away.

    You are broken and no one will help you find the missing pieces,
    Your heart is not whole anymore,
    And slowly your sorrow increases.

    Hope is lost, there is no way out and so you feel you should die,
    You think no one will miss you,
    You will throw away gods greatest gift so with the angles you can fly.


    I’ll gather what is left of you and put you back together,
    I give you a piece of my heart,
    To fill yours forever.

    I’ll find your lost soul that wanders in the dark,
    I’ll be the light to guide you,
    On this journey together we will embark.

    I love you my angle, I will mend your broken wings,
    I will steel this sorrow away from you,
    So never again will you think such things.