• One day i sat on a bench
    In the neighborhood park
    And I told my friend "You're as strong as paper."
    He looked at me with a raised eyebrow and asked, "What's so good about being as strong as paper?"
    "Funny you should ask" I replied to him and then said:

    When I am sad, the paper dries up my tears
    When i am troubled, I can always "tell it" what i feel and i can fold it and shut it so no one can find what i wrote
    When there is something i dont know, it shares its knowledge with me. Every day i learn something new!
    When i am to busy to realize what goes on around me, it keeps me up to date, and in a fun way as well!
    When i am mad and burn or rip the paper, it will not scream or complain, even though i can see what i have done,
    It cleans up after my messes without complaint, i can visualize my ideas, and you always agree
    If i make a mistake, you allow me to erase it
    Just the paper is multi-functional, or friendship is so, as well
    Though paper wont last forever, but we could even more than that.
    Now you see how strong paper can be?
    Its just a sma;ll detail not many can see.