• I think I'm going insane from trying to play this game
    Nothing ever changes; things always stay the same.
    Only the hurt gets worse and the tears are harder to restrain.
    My chest threatens to burst as my lungs get more difficult to tame.
    Losing you is losing everything with nothing left to gain.
    My heart stops and my muscles freeze as the pain stabs at my brain.

    It would be so much more easier done than said
    To stab my heart and shoot my senseless head
    It's what I deserve, it's what I need, to feel once more like other men.
    A small punishment compared to living through it all again.

    Thinking of you makes me go into a scene
    Where I scream and writhe as if burned in a tank of kerosene
    Love is not what it seems, most times it can be so mean
    As it's relentless pull rips me apart from the main seam.

    It's so hard to try and tell myself not to cry
    As I watch this love hang my spirit out to dry
    My happiness is ashes, my faith buried alive and left to die
    As I acknowledge the fact that a smile just became another lie.

    People tell me to forget, but they never felt this
    They never suffered this
    They aren't sensless
    Their laughter isn't hopeless.

    Every breath that I breathe
    Is another knife with a silver gleam.
    And as all emotion ceases to be
    I get some feeling as I bleed.
    And I fall to my knees
    And to God I shout, "Please!"
    It's not fair for this love to seize
    My emotions and just leave!

    She's gone forever, she won't come back to me
    I won't ever see again the way her eyes shine at me
    Her presence is the prescribed drug that can cure me
    But she's gone forever, I can't stand this epiphany
    I can't stand it stripping me of feeling with it's horrible infamy
    I can't stand living without her, God strike me now and kill me!

    I'd give everything I have away, just to numb the pain
    Just to feel happy and to refrain
    From picking up that one picture frame
    Where it has been captioned with her beautiful name
    Oh, I'd give it all just to have love's wrath wane
    And leave me to die gladly and sane.