• into the night i fly
    waving away at the sky
    want for one thing to see me
    oh if it would only be
    oh love oh love
    sent to me just like a dove
    why are you so late?
    did you stop to have a date?
    maybe you would
    if you could
    love onto me
    i would be happy to give you a knee
    into the night i cry...
    where are you my love?
    you are my eternal glove
    onto wich i want to wear
    even if i could'nt bear
    please my love, give a kiss
    don't make it a miss
    for all I want is you
    not anykind of boo
    if you only accept this
    i would go into endless bliss
    because to me i can not end
    it was the only thing i want to mend
    if only you see
    maybe this love can be
    into the night i cry...
    and if you do accept me
    then let it be
    that from this day
    every day i will say
    i love you...
    untill the end of time
    i will come on any chime
    if will you give me a n**
    let me swing at your hips
    as we dance all night long
    maybe we'll buy a nice gong
    when you catch a cold
    i wont be bold
    i'll stay by your side
    until the end of the ride
    and when we go to die
    i wont even try to cry
    because we will be together
    both of us wearing leather
    walking up the stairs
    recovering all out lost hairs
    as we turn back the clock
    and set sail from the dock
    because all i want from you...
    is an i love you...