• Why can I not ask anything?
    What hate are you keeping?
    I'm tired of what's going around.
    Let me die and remain unfound.

    Give me that razor.
    Give me that blade.
    Give me the traitor.
    Give me the misery made.

    Let me sink into insanity.
    Keep me away from reality.
    Will you hide me in the dark?
    That voice lets so many things spark....

    I want to remain insane with you.
    And yet, I'm torn away out of the blue.
    You were hidden away from me,
    And now it's something we'll never see.

    Never again will I be normal.
    This is nothing crucial.
    I hold the knife in my hand,
    Now this is what I demand.

    The voice in my head, telling me things.
    All of the hurtful times and feelings.
    I cannot remain under control,
    I do not own my soul.

    I'm tired of the fighting.
    So I put it into writing.
    Something so easily read,
    These are the words in my head.

    The voice tells me how to write,
    Making sure that it's all right.
    I hide in the shadows waiting for you.
    This is where insanity makes its debut.