• ~Be-strong~

    When dose she know.
    She will never know. She waits, sitting there, waiting two see if he well gives in to it. Just waiting, hopping that it hasn't gotten that bad. She knows it will kill him. She just is being a fool for wanting him to live a longer life. 'Why god why him' she asks. She didn’t get that long with him just a lousy 9 years with him. She well mess him so bad...In every waking moment…She well. 'Why…Why do you let this dame s**t in the world' she can’t take it she wants to kill herself. But she cant she has to be strong for her mother for her father for her family back home.
    And for herself, most importantly herself 'be strong be strong' she chants. It’s her song when she sleeps ay night it’s in her dreams. It’s in her mind chanting singing. 'be strong be strong' it gos deem as she fades into the night as she fades into the darkness as she fades into the hell with out HIM

    i rought this almost a week to the day before my dad pastaway if you have any (?) about him or the poem just go to my pro and read the abouts or what ever its called i right sume dark stuff and have dark feelings

    ~Your ever dark creator riwah~shaeld~