• " thought of that we can really be together but we didn't know better like all we thought was how we look how we should do things but did we forget that we have feelings? that it may come and go it can move so slow or it can just go ..."

    " we were once best friends how once we use to be so close but i never realize what a hassle was for me to keep us together no one thought of us were friends no one believe how we can work but i guess they were right its time to move on once you made a mistake it can totally turn us off maybe this wasn't meant to be with your whining and screaming maybe i had enough its time to let go and just leave the past behind why hold on ? if you keep doing the same thing ? apology maybe said but the words you say never be forgotten get it?

    " sometimes life isn't the way i want it be maybe this wasn't meant to be i mean why would we be together if everyone else thinks we are happy and we arean't just feeling why do i wanna be with you why do i have to think about this i shouldn't but i am. i don't know what to feel i dont even know how to feel once i love can it already left? once we cherish does it go away forever why doesn't anything last forever.?

    " i don't dress to satisfy no one. i dress to feel great about myself to feel comfortable don't go around making comments of how people dress some people dress simply the best even though you don't think so that's why in this world everyone is saying their better than one another who's richer who's poorer don't they know if everyone was like one of those people the poor would be wearing the same shoes everyday cuhs they wasted all their penny in one thing..." to the world .

    " you know as you say those things i never forget it just because you said juss keeding or sorry doesn't mean the words are going to be forgotten im never going to forget what you called me i thought we had something going but i guess that was it. i guess its the end."