• i don't understand what it is
    about you... and you only
    that makes me shiver,
    like flames make me burn...

    it's a feeling of...
    almost, resentment that
    i could have been the one
    sitting next to you...

    my heart
    even in it's stupor state
    of emotionless pitfalls
    seems to rush for you

    my life
    which is full of regret
    and sorrow
    seems almost... meaningful when your here

    I feel an ungodly force around you
    pushing me over the edge
    you, simply you...
    my perfect match...

    I do not see why we are not,
    i mean... we have two ears
    two eyes
    two arms and two legs...

    Yet only one heart
    because we know that that someone else
    has the other one
    just like it.

    and that person...
    would be you.
    is there any other way?
    for me to explain my love?