• The warrior hath sworn that his land will not be torn
    Each subtle rainbow swirl makes the Senate twirl
    Terror and quests are put to rest
    In sunshine and in shadow, there is no row
    Littering corpses and massacred dreams cannot redeem
    A soldier may fall but a paladin stands against a wall

    Religion is eternal though each is charnel
    Burning away at families begetting all lies
    Though they are just young there are many unsung
    A saint can be a Beast at the end of a Vatican feast
    The force of Dharma cannot accept Karma
    A priest is just a pope without the added mope

    The Oracles are dumb not a sound but a hum
    Through open doors I step to wonder why Hell is kept
    Disarmed are the knights to follow after the fight.
    Just remember the blue even if there are no other hues
    A King will not yield if fang is against the shield.
    Good-bye cruel fantasy, is there no other world to see?

    Forget me not when the weather is cold or when I am old
    The dawn is rising where I am from it is beautiful to some
    What do you do when there is nothing left for you?
    Run from the anger fueled by hate, down to Hell’s gate
    Broken are the wings of heaven which are form the Seven
    Each angel can cry yet only one can never die