• So I can live without you?
    Nobody bothered to tell me that
    You say you have to leave, that it'll be better for me
    Me? Really? If you'd stopped to listen you'd have found out I didn't ever want you to go
    No, this was all for you, you needed to start again...
    Without me

    Go, I understand you need to.
    Meet new people, live your life
    I'll live mine
    In silence
    Always in this suffocating silence...so much for it being golden
    The darkness closing in, I push it away, just long enough to assure you i'm fine
    Like you care.

    Faces blurring together as I hold back my tears
    And let this emptiness close in
    Separating me from my pain
    No, go, I know you need to, I'll stay here
    Here in my world, living for my nightmares
    Dreading reality
    You were the only thing that made it bearable
    But nevermind that, you'll miss your plane