• We belong together
    I was positive about that
    Two Bodies
    One Soul

    Love is a powerful thing
    But what we share is way more
    Star crossed Lovers
    What could tear us apart?

    A tingling sensation
    Every hug and every kiss
    It's almost impossible
    To find someone like you

    A small seed
    Blissfully blooming
    The most beautiful flower
    Nothing more amazing than our love

    I look into your eyes
    And see the most beautiful sould
    So dazzling you are

    Glistening stars above city lights
    Moon shining on a beautiful meadow
    Both combined are nothing
    Compared to you

    Your velvet voice
    So sweet and harmonious
    Distracting all thoughts
    Dazzling me

    You've got the most
    And heartbreakingly beautiful smile
    That would outdo,
    Even the brightest stars in the sky

    So now,
    I guess,
    I've finally found........

    My. Happily. Ever. After.