• I sit and watch the rain,
    Being alone is such a pain,
    I look and see you,
    Do you see me too?

    You look so sad out there,
    Being cold without a care,
    I think about what we could be,
    And how you'll look so happy,

    Then I grab my coat and go out there,
    Running towards you without a care,
    I go and say, "Hello" to you,
    You look and say "Hello" too,

    I give you my coat, and then you smile,
    You decide to come in my house for a while,
    My parents are still in the house,
    So we both are quiet as a mouse,

    We talk and hang out in my room,
    We talk and talk until it's noon,
    You decide to go home because it's late,
    You don't want your parents to wait,

    Before you leave you give me a kiss,
    Oh how that kiss I will miss,
    You give me your number, then you leave,
    Now I know that you love me,

    I'm so glad that we're together,
    Because we'll stay this way forever,
    Now everything is so mellow,
    And I'm glad I said, "Hello"